Yale Medicine | Editorial Content Management System

[Confidential] October 2016

Yale CMS.png

The Yale School of Medicine is one of the top medical systems in the nation, newly rebranded to 'Yale Medicine' in 2015 for all patient-facing material. During my time at Adoptive, I worked on the design for a new content management system for the restructured editorial team. Once Adoptive went defunct mid-way through the project, I continued my work on the CMS to completion as a freelancer. 

As the lead UX/UI Designer of the project, I led:

User & Swim Lane Flow Mapping
Working closely with the stakeholders (leaders of the editorial and product teams), I laid out user roles, teams, capabilities, and 'checkpoints' according to where the article temporarily lived within the overall article lifecycle. This mapping helped the product team understand the complex and intricate workflow that we needed to ensure would run seamlessly in implementation.

High Fidelity Mockups
I designed all core components of the CMS, from content upload and editing tools to workflow management screens for super users, standardizing the user interface styling throughout. 

Usability Testing
I conducted multiple usability tests with members of the editorial team to verify my design decisions, lasting approximately 30-45 minutes each. Using a clickable prototype, I gave users realistic test scenarios to gather valuable feedback on the CMS and overall workflow, leading to slight iterations on the original designs. 

All work completed for Yale Medicine was signed under an NDA. I would be more than happy to talk through my work and the artifacts delivered for the project on a one-on-one basis.